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Repairing a transformer instaed of replacing can substancialy reduce investment cost and provide a faster turn around than buying a new transformer.
Scope of Work-
We repair both Power and Distribution Transformer from 25 KVA TO 30 MVA 220/33 KV at our workshop.
Upon receipt of the transformer in the workshop, a visual inspection and electrical control is performed as to provide a root cause of failure and action needs to be taken, as well as to provide a delivery date.
We provide repairing services at both on site and at your factory premises depending upon the condition of the transformer. 

We follow the below process for our repairing service

Step 1

Transformer oil filtration is a process to remove sludge, dissolved moisture and dissolved gases from the oil.Transformer life mainly depends on the quality of oil volume it contains. Regular transformer oil filtration assures long and consistent results from the transformer.We provide oil filtration services at site by our mobile filter machine which saves the customer a lot of time,effort and money to transport the transformer.Our mobile filter unit has a capacity of filtering oil of 8000 litres/hour of two stage vacuum.

Step 2

Overhaluing repairing services include replacement of transformer gaskets,insulation material and other spares such as silica gel breather,OTI,WTI,MOG etc.

Step 3

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